Design A Romantic Modern Bedroom Ideas

With Valentine’s Day approaching quite fast, your bedroom maybe end up being the place where all the festivities take place.  With that said, its current state may not be in its most romantic mode.  Fear not, there are many ways that you can turn an ordinary bedroom, into one that is romantic whether it happens in time for this Valentine’s Day or the ones that follow – that’s a different question.

When designing or redesigning your modern bedroom, focus of the contemporary furniture pieces that you put in there, lighting, colors, textures and of course don’t forget to tastefully accessorize.  Here are some inspirations to guide you…

With Plaza Modern Poster Bed by Cattelan Italia (Noir Collection) as the focal point, this modern bedroom features a chocolate colored accent wall and a splash of color in the form of wall art.

Informal and inviting, this modern bedroom is focused more on the finishes and less on colors.   Using a modern poster bed from Armani Casa collection, this room is full of cozy décor elements.

Interior incorporates rich gold accents with romantic purples and fuschia colors.  The William Modern Leather Upholstered Bed by Cattelan remains in stark white, as the most attractive and contrasting feature of the room.

Minimal, yet inviting, this interior has a modern leather upholstered bed by Pianca in chocolate color with the remainder of the room having soft pink hues accented by modern chrome elements and unusual lighting fixtures.

  1. Furniture – With the bed being the focal point of the room, it is very important to select a bed that fits the room in size and in proportions.  Choose a bed that fits within your style and preferences, select from modern platform beds, sleight beds, tatami beds or canopy beds and then match all other bedroom furniture to the bed’s style, your needs and spatial capacities – when there is harmony, there is romance.  As for the finishes, on the more romantic side are upholstered beds (leather or fabric), ones that are finished in dark rich woods (usually wenge) or high gloss lacquers in deep red or black.  If possible, look for a bed that incorporates lighting into its structure – you can use it to create a romantic aura when all other lighting is off.
  2. Bedding – The bedding should match the style of the room, and should not take away from your modern bed’s style.  Opt for monochromatic ensembles, or sets that layer contrasting colors and/or textures.  Prints are good too, as long as they are not too busy or dominant.
  3. Lighting – Lighting is crucial, make sure that it is not to bright, include a dimmer for recessed lights or a ceiling fan.  Sconces are an absolute must, they give out soft light and help create subtle aura that is very romantic.  Wall sconces that have a mirrored back are great because the light is reflected and enhanced, creating an even more ambient atmosphere.
  4. Color – Deep tones are key for a romantic look.  Shades of red, burgundy, purples, fuchsia all symbolize love and passion while chocolates, and burnt (brick) oranges are warm and cozy.  Use color in a form of an accent wall (maybe the one behind your modern bed) complimented by a more subdued color hue covering the rest of the room.  Carry that color into accessories, flooring, and bedding.
  5. Accessories – Personalize the room with black-and-white photographs, use candles for color and for ambient practicality. Incorporate mirrors (whether as artwork on top of the bed or leaned against a wall). The window treatments, like the bedding should compliment rather than take away from the room. Match the window treatments to the bedding and/or throw pillows and/or rug. The rug can be placed at the foot of the bed to provide a stark contrast between the bed and the floor, or on either side of the bed for plush surface that adds coziness to your modern bedroom.

Finding Best Red Bedroom Design Ideas

If you feel that you live like a fire, full of energy and passion – then this post is for you. Design ideas for the red bedroom will insire you to change your interior design and maybe even life. The photos will help you to learn easily. And you don’t even need to go to interior design courses.

Design Idea # 1 Unique sofa

If you want to have red color in your bedroom it can be used in different ways. One of them is to add red color to the interior objects. You can buy a red sofa, chair or curtains. The sofa of red color my look too hard, but when it is designed in round shape, you can be confident that it will look gorgeous.

Design Idea # 2 Fresh Colors

The second idea is adding bright colors. Be attentive and add fresh natural colors, like green grass, sky blue and earthly grey, brown tree. You can also add one animal print. Don’t use more because it will look massive. Try such interior and you won’t regret it.

Design Idea # 3 Modern Style

In this case you can buy red bedding. To make the bedroom look modern and not stuffy, other object need to be simple. For example, a vase should be white and with no decorations on it. The table can be made of glass.

Design Idea # 4 Add white style

When you have a lot of bright colors, you need to add a bit of white. It is the most simple way to make the bedroom look softer. You need to remember that this is the place for relaxing.

Design Idea # 5 Views

For any  bright interiors the views give a special style to the room. You can search for old photos  or views, or your dream images. All inspiring and positive photos will bring some special mood to your home.

It’s so great when you can try and design your room in colors you like.

If you have passionate mood in April then why don’t you change your room interior.

You risk when add such active color as red to your interior but you also change our life when you do it.

Active color will activate your life.

Love, passion ans inspiration will be yours.

Bathroom Paneling Ideas for You

Today’s bathrooms are no longer a mere utility. People consider them as a place to unwind and relax after a hard day at work. As a result, more and more homeowners are converting their bathrooms into mini spas. If you are one such homeowner who is looking for ideas to decorate bathroom walls, then you should indeed consider the following bathroom paneling ideas.

Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas and Tips

Why Go for Bathroom Paneling
Bathroom wall paneling is a wall treatment that includes fitting prefabricated pieces of materials (panels) on the bathroom wall surface, so as to get a uniform look for the wall. Bathroom wall panels are a great substitute for conventional paint and tiles. Paint tends to peel and chip off after some time. Besides, it cannot withstand the extreme temperature, moisture and humidity in the bathroom. The problem with tiles is that the tile grout often serves as a thriving place for mold and mildew growth. This hampers the appearance of tiles and gives your bathroom a dirty and shabby appearance. Bathroom panels on the other hand are manufactured to tolerate all sorts of extreme conditions in the bathroom. Besides, they are easier to install and have no place for mold and mildew growth. They are much more durable than the other two options listed above.

Bathroom panels are available in an array of materials. PVC paneling is the most sought after bathroom paneling. It is extremely light in weight, durable, easier to install and comes in different styles and patterns. It is also resistant to mold and mildew growth and can withstand steam and heat. Besides, it is also non resistant to most bathroom cleaning agents such as bleaches etc. Another popular bathroom paneling material is wood. Wood paneling for walls looks absolutely elegant and rich and can instantly lift the mood of any bathroom. Besides, fine quality wood panels are also resistant to heat, moisture and steam. Natural stone or marble panels, though expensive look really exquisite. If you are particularly looking for cheaper paneling options, then ceramic panels may be appropriate for you.

PVC Panels
Wood Panels
Natural Stone Panels
Ceramic Panels

Colors and Patterns
Bathroom wall panels are available in every color imaginable. PVC paneling for bathroom is available in both solid colors as well as patterns. Solid colors look great for bathroom ceiling paneling, whereas walls can be done in patterned bathroom panels. The patterns that are currently available in PVC are a good imitation of natural stone, mosaic, ceramic tiles, etc. You wouldn’t know the difference unless you touch them. Decorative wall panels in wood are available in various grains and colors. Due to such a vast variety in terms of colors and patterns, you can easily match the bathroom paneling designs with rest of the bathroom décor and vanities.

Currently, three styles of bathroom paneling are popular namely, full wall paneling, wainscoting and library. The following table describes each style in detail.

Full Wall Paneling

In full wall paneling prefabricated 4 x 8 ft sheets of wall panel are installed on the surface of the wall. The sheets are simply glued to the surface with the help of a carpenter’s glue. This style is great if you want a uniform and seamless appearance for your walls.


Wainscoting bathroom includes covering only bottom half of the wall with panels and painting the rest portion of the wall. The wall panels protect the wall from moisture and other elements, while the plain top half balances the look of the bathroom.

You can also implement other bathroom wall paneling ideas to render a unique look to your bathroom. While buying bathroom wall panels, always invest in quality material as it can last really long.

Choosing Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury bathrooms need to be designed carefully to have the desired effect. Creating a luxurious bathroom means choosing the right-quality accent pieces and bathroom fixtures. Apart from the décor of the bathroom area, these elements play a major role in giving it a luxurious appearance. While you install the tiles and add partitions, the materials used matter a lot. Ultimate flooring and walls form the base and fixtures, and accent pieces rightly play up the area. So, if you are looking for the best luxury bathroom designs, just read on to get some ideas.

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Classic Wood

Wooden bathroom décor is popularly opted by people to give bathrooms a rich look. With wooden bathroom vanities, shelves, and relaxing stools, you have a great-looking space. Also, wooden finish bathtubs and a shower enclosure with wooden shower panels and a wooden base basin are the essentials. Adding wooden blinds for the windows is also a part of luxury bathroom designs. For walls, you can opt for wood finish tiles; go in for wainscoting bathroom or bathroom wall paneling in grand designs. Add beige- or chocolate-colored fixtures. Keep the flooring off-white with large ceramic or granite tiles. This will rightly match the color of wood. Also, make sure all the wood used is of same type and color. And where materials with wood finish are used, make sure the color matches with that of other wood décor. You can have wooden countertops in the highest quality wood that will be water-resistant. Choose cherry woods or dark browns for entire bathroom. Keep the mirror simple, with 2 – 3 inches of wooden border from all sides. Add a wooden flower pot with white flowers and finish the look with fresh white rugs, towels, napkins, and bath suits placed on the shelves.

Wooden-finished bathtub with woody countertop perfectly balanced with gold and beige essentials.

Brown-tiled countertop with natural brown cabinets become an essential part of the golden-woody theme of this luxury bathroom.

Play with Tiles and Textures

Use coordinating tiles―mix up shapes, sizes, or colors!

This monochromatic-themed tile work and the elegant texture look will add pizzaaz to your bath space.

Glass Effect

For luxury bathroom designs, glass can be a perfect pick. This does not block the view and gives a spacious look. Moreover, the delicate glass makes bathrooms look more elegant. With maximum glass accent pieces like bathtubs, basins, relaxing chair, and a shower stall, you can create an ultimate bathing space. Go for frosted glass for the windows and countertops. The tinted glass tiles in frosted type are best for gracing the bathroom walls from floor to ceiling. Add chrome bathroom fixtures which will best suit the glass theme. For bathroom flooring, use the reflecting type, smooth tiles. Make sure you pick the slip-resistant bathroom floor tiles for the shower area and a square around the bathtub. For windows, add colored blinds and have a same-colored textured rug. Finish with a plain glass mirror with a border design―no wood or metals, to create a perfect glassy look.

The lighting equipment, the ceramics, the glassy work―totally worth it!

Floor-to-ceiling windows adding picturesqueness to this serenic white bathroom!

Mix Materials

Don’t hesitate to try combinations. The world is going all mix-and-match! You can have marble placed with concrete stuff, accenting with rough beans or pebbles. You can even infuse wooden flooring and glass stalls. Create an atmosphere with all things that you adore, making your personalized master bath―a perfect space for unwinding yourself!

This luxurious bath space has an all-white bathtub with an enclosed glass shower stall and accented with beige!

Hilariously spacious! Played with hues of blue, blending marble, glass, and ceramic stuff!

The window view around the bathtub is adding beauty to its décor.

White cabinetry, textured countertops, dark-colored flooring … played well!

… including a place to sit in 😉

Color Theme

Creating color-themed luxury bathroom designs is not a tough task. Select a combo. The first choice is to go for a monochromatic theme, i.e., opting for a single color and accenting it with its hues. Or you can pick two colors; for instance, black and white, purple and white, beige and white, gray and white, gray and red are some of the best color theme ideas for luxury bathroom designs. From bathroom cabinets till flooring and wall tiles, all the furniture and fixtures need to be chosen in these two colors. The idea is that a light color will span 80% and dark color used in the theme will span 20% of the bathroom interiors. This will give a soft and luxurious effect to the area. Colored picture frames can be used to enhance the wall décor.

  • Majestic Purple!
  • Buoyant Orange!
  • Red and White – Classic as ever
  • Verdant Virtue!
  • In Oceanic Hues
  • Taupe Tranquil!

Give History a Chance

Bring in the vintage look, or go for something retro. Get inspired from history; let your bathroom have an art and craft feel by introducing a bathtub designed in the royal fashion, mirrors finished with natural wood, lighting system in golden, ethnic chandeliers and ceiling lamps, etc.

Add a royal touch to your bathroom with traditional embroidered wall work and a gold standalone slipper tub!

Vintage-themed marble bathroom.

The Minimalists!

Go in for a cozy minimalist statement! Love spending all your time in the bathtub? Make it your focal point. Minimalism doesn’t mean you’ll paint them all white! Have your walls painted with your favorite color. Adorn it with things like vases, exclusive showpieces, modern art, minimally designed lamps, etc.

Teal-colored wall with a white bathtub and orange touches―do we need to describe this elegant piece of work anymore?

Minimalist green luxury bathroom―the parquet flooring, the bathtub, the resting seats―creating a cozy ambience!

Red bathtub and sinks add a classy pomp to the solid gray walls.

Once the bathroom is designed, make sure you add to its luxurious feel with fragrances and candles. With grand light fixtures and expensive bathroom fixtures, you can make it a perfect package. Look out for modern basins and bathtubs with exclusive designs. It goes without saying that luxury bathroom designs need to be maintained and kept clean and tidy. So get ready to have an elegant bath space in your house.

The Guide for Choosing Bathroom Countertop Material

When you select a countertop material, remember to consider the style of your bathroom, your family’s lifestyle, and your cleaning preferences.
A good countertop is an essential feature of not just a kitchen but also a bathroom. Unlike a heavy-duty kitchen counter that has to survive a daily dose of knives, rolling pins, cookie cutters, and hot baking trays, a bathroom countertop can be custom-made to suit your personal style. Your bathroom countertop can make a statement while still being of practical use.

A little thought while remodeling your home and bathroom in particular will go a long way in deciding the look and feel of your home. It’s time you lend your bathroom an attitude of its own with a statement-making countertop. Remember, the bathroom countertop will have to hold up to residue from your soaps, spilled toiletries, and steamy showers. Which is why, the countertop ought to be durable, stain-resistant, and most importantly, non-porous. While choosing the material to suit your home, do take into consideration its size, thickness, and resistance to breakage. You definitely do not want a bathroom countertop that will give way within a matter of time.
Stain-resistant Granite

Granite countertops are not just long-lasting but also highly stain-resistant, giving you a high-end bathroom. Granite is, by far, the most durable and easiest to maintain natural material that is preferred for countertops. You can choose from an infinite variety of styles and colors, ranging from glossy to matte finish, and from solid to speckled to suit the desired bathroom style.

Choose it for a look of luxury that will complement any décor.

Classical Marble

Essentially slabs of metamorphic rocks, marble countertops are not only waterproof but also heat-resistant, making it a popular choice with most homeowners. Although marble is porous and can eventually trap dirt and germs, they can be used to enhance the beauty and elegance of your bathroom and kitchen.

Choose it to accentuate your bathroom along with other types of countertops.

Synthetic Quartz

Easy to clean and durable, manufactured quartz countertops are one of your best bets for your bathroom. It not only imitates the look of granite or marble, but is relatively more resistant to scratching and staining. It is made of 90 percent quartz particles, giving you a variety of colors and thicknesses to choose from.

Choose it for its ability to not chip and crack as easily as granite does, and because it requires less maintenance.

Versatile Tiles

They can be colorful, they have immense variety, and they are relatively cheaper than natural stone and quartz countertops. In addition to that, tiles come in a variety of sizes, thus, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to install them. You can choose from a variety of porcelain or ceramic tiles to do up your bathroom.

Choose it to achieve a timeless look in your bathroom.

Hypoallergenic Solid Surfaces

Nonporous, synthetic countertops are one of the most popular choices of most homeowners. This is partly because it is easy to maintain and can be molded to fit any design specification, and mainly because it is very hard and durable.

Choose it for a seamless, custom-made look in the bathroom or kitchen.

Dressy Laminates

You can never go wrong with a laminate when it comes to remodeling your home. Made from paper and acrylics or from bonded layers of plastic, laminate countertops come in a wide range of colors, designs, and texture that allow you to be creative. It is durable, nonporous, and easy to clean, thus, making it a hot favorite for doing up bathroom countertops.

Choose it for an economical bathroom that is easy to maintain.

Long-lasting Concrete

Concrete is durable, long-lasting, and can be molded into any shape and size, thus, allowing you to have a custom-built countertop of your own. You can even experiment with different dyes to match the décor and style of your home. Once installed, it can withstand heat, and if sealed properly, it limits the amount of stains and bacterial growth.

Choose it for a modern, clean, understated look in your bathroom.

Unique Glass

Recycled glass countertops are nothing but pieces of glass held together with a cement binder that make them durable and strong. They are non-porous, making them easier to maintain; besides, each slab of recycled glass countertop is a unique creation.

Unique Glass

Choose it to make a green choice, and lend color to an otherwise drab bathroom.

Unprecedented Wood

Redeemed or reclaimed wood countertops are known to lend character and warmth to the room décor. Redeemed wood, although an expensive alternative, is durable and can sustain well even at high temperature. However, it requires regular sealing to keep it from bacteria and the wood from rotting.

Unprecedented Wood

Choose it for an eco-friendly option that makes your bathroom naturally appealing.

Get Samples

Before you head to the store and make your purchase, do not forget to order samples of all the available countertops. By doing so, you will be able to decide on the look that you want to achieve in your bathroom.
Do ensure to check the quality and the subsequent price for each of these countertops before making a purchase. You won’t be changing your bathroom countertop on a regular basis, which is why you need to proceed with utmost caution.