Choosing Living Room Designs

The living room is one of the most important rooms in any house. This is the room where some of the best times of our lives, like chatting with family or guests, watching TV or just idling on the sofa, are spent. Your living room acts as a focal point of your entire house and can leave a lasting impression (good or bad) on a visitor. So it is very essential that you choose designs for your living room appropriately that will reflect your style. There are a variety of ideas like traditional, transitional, contemporary, Mediterranean and country to choose from for decorating the living room. Let us take a look at the various living room decorating techniques to create a beautiful and charming atmosphere in the most important room of your house.

Ideas to Design a Living Room

Wall Colors

The most important aspect for decorating a living room, is to make sure that the colors you choose for the wall paint are the right ones. Choose light pastel colors like cool blue, light yellow, light lavender or bold dark colors like turquoise, sea green and rust. Using warm colors like butter yellow with gold tones will accentuate the appearance of the room. You can paint one of the walls in a darker shade so that the room looks bigger. In case you want to maintain the neutral mood, you can paint the walls in shades of white and gray. Make sure that the designs and colors of the furniture and upholstery are in sync with each other to give a room a pleasant appearance. Hence it is advisable to choose the living room colors accordingly.

Furniture Arrangement

The next important criteria for decorating the living room is the furniture and its arrangement. Arranging living room furniture should be done in such a way that there is ample room for movement and the room should look spacious. Don’t just dump the sofa and the rest of the furniture around that will give the room a cluttered look. For a small living room, choose furniture that is small and has abstract or round shapes. The cabinets also should be of medium size instead of being bulky. The electronic goods like television, music player etc. should also be arranged taking the size of the room into consideration. A proper plan and arrangement of furniture and other accessories will give the room a more cozier and spacious look.

Cozy Fireplace

Modern living room designs look great with a fireplace. The fireplace is a focal point in the living room and makes the room look refreshing. The design of the fireplace should complement the room. Living rooms with a fireplace will look more elegant and stylish if the size and placement of the fireplace is appropriate. The fireplace is usually at the center and for small living rooms, the fireplace with a walnut mantel can have subtle contours or clean lines to match the decor of the room. The fireplace mantel can be decorated with flower vases, photo frames and other knickknacks. Place these in an ornate way for a stylish look, rather than cluttering them on the mantel.


For drapery ideas, you can choose light shades and soft material for the curtains and drapes. Heavy fabrics and dark colors can make the room look cramped. Another attractive way to enhance the way your living room looks is to use light shades to illuminate the room. Unusual shapes and attractive colors for light shades will beautify the room. The center or side tables can also be decorated with beautiful shaped vases. Fresh or silk flowers can give an inviting look to the room. For the walls, you can use accessories like mirrors, paintings or wall hangings to suit the ambiance of the room.

These were a few decorating ideas for a living room. With the help of these living room design ideas, you can transform your living room into a more comfortable and a stunning one.

Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

download-11Decorating a room can either be a nightmare or fun experience, depending on your perspective of decoration. Enjoy decorating but do not go overboard. What is important is to find a balance and create a room that is inviting, relaxing and lovely to look at.

If you want something completely new, then remodeling the room entirely, with a theme, is a good option. You can have a modern, contemporary, colorful look, or choose to give an antique or rustic feel to the room. There are many options to choose from once you decide on the theme.

On the other hand, if you do not want to remodel entirely, try adding a few accessories or pieces of furniture that can change the look of the room. These accessories can be anything from a simple bookshelf, brightly colored furniture, or even a decorative clock.

Here are a few designs and options for a complete remodeled living room, as well as ideas for decorating with accessories and furniture. Take your pick!

A Few Ideas

A Cozy Corner

The above image demonstrates excellent use of the wooden focal wall adjacent to the long window that gives the room a design uplift. The subtle leather furniture with the low coffee table and side table add to the simplicity of the room. The light-colored furnishings make the room appear big, neat and also brighter. You can use this design when your room is small and you don’t have too much space to experiment.

Go White

Confused over the right color combination for the lounge room? If yes, then play safe with white. White sofa sets when combined with the wooden coffee table and the floor lamp make the room look brighter and spacious. The spacious look is furniture-enhanced with the use of an in-the-wall bookshelf and wall unit. The USP of the room is the hanging white lamp! It gives a finishing touch to the room.

Contemporary Feel

If you have a lot of space in your sitting room, then this is a good design idea for you. The bold mix of black, red and white just lifts your mood. All naked walls with just a big wall clock is the USP of the room. The black-colored sofas are well-complemented with multicolored cushions. If you want to sit and have a cozy chat, this room invites you to do just that! And with no television set, your chats will be uninterrupted!

The Good Ol’ Days

Go back in time with this ‘rustic feel’ front room design. The antique furniture and the brilliantly placed lights give a 70s’ look! The light color of the drapes complements the light-colored scheme of the room. The USP of the room, for me, will be the chandelier. Go ahead, switch off the lights and let the room be lit with the brightness of the chandelier. Anyone for a candid candlelight chat?

Twist in the Tale

If you are looking for a makeover to your current living room, this design can help you. The addition of the soft-colored accent wall and colorful cushions make all the difference to the otherwise neutral-colored room. The frame that is added to the accent wall is the focal point. You can hang a painting or a unique piece of art. The decoration is kept minimum, with just the indoor plant and hanging lights used.

Now, if you just want to redo your lounge room without changing a lot of things around, you can accessorize it with the following decorating items. Choose the one that you feel is the best for your house!

A Few Accessories

Wall Units

Adding this piece of furniture to one of the walls will give the room a new look that you might be on the lookout for! You can choose from the smaller unit to gigantic ones that fill up the entire wall.


If you love naked walls and would not like to add too many decorative pieces to them, then add a fine-looking clock to one of the walls. Clocks act as great focal points. Apart from these ideas, my other personal favorite is the “Grandfather’s clock” that gives an antique feel!


How about flaunting your collection of books using these stylish bookshelf designs? Add it to one of the walls of the room and notice the drastic change it brings to your room!

Candle Holders

Want to get romantic and looking for that perfect setting? If your answer is in the affirmative, then add lots of candle holders to your front room! Not only do they create the perfect romantic atmosphere, but are pretty looking as well. Get them and get cozy.

These lovely hanging lamps are a great addition to your room. They act as a great source of alternative lighting. Place it over the coffee table or near the wall unit or right at the room entrance. Choose the best from the whole lot of designs available.

The most highlighted piece of furniture in the living room is the couch! The best way to redo your room will be to change them.

Curtains add a new definition to the room. While selecting them, consider the lighting factor. Darker curtains block lights and sheer ones let in a lot of sunshine. Curtains are available in different fabrics for you to choose from. Ensure you select the right color, else you may completely ruin the look of your room.


What can be the easiest and an economic addition to your living room? Cushions! They are available in different shapes, sizes, and fabrics as well. Get the ones that complement the sofa set in your room.


Adding lamps (table or floor) will let a particular corner of the room brighten up and also add the “beauty” factor to it! You can go with the same styled lamp like your other furniture or you can mix styles together!

A fireplace addition makes the room spacious, and if you have a big room, then you can cover the unused spaces in the room with a fireplace.
You can check out garage sales and auction sites online, and do not forget to raid your grandmother’s attic for some great finds! Go ahead and decorate the room as per your taste.

Easy Tips to Clean Window Screens

download-10Window screens work as wonderful filters. They allow fresh air and sunlight in, without letting unwanted visitors like insects, and pollens in your home. To increase the life of your screens, it is advisable to keep cleaning them regularly as dirty screens become weak and get damaged easily. Besides, it is always cheaper to clean them than to replace them.

We give you some essential tips and tricks on how to clean window screens.

Tips to Clean Window Screens

Tip #1 The most obvious thing to do is to go at the glass window and clean the screens. But hold on a bit. Before you head out to cleaning window screens, grab a piece of rag or cleaning pad, pull back the curtains and open the window. Watch out for crud and cobwebs in the frame and tracks of the window. You don’t want your hands or wiping towel to get filthy. With a small-handled brush, sweep out the debris.

Tip #2 Now de-grime the screens by running a vacuum cleaner over it, in dusting-brush attachment. Proceed with a side-to-side and top-to-bottom approach.

Tip #3 Next, the most important and a safer thing to do while cleaning window screens is to remove them from the window.

Tip #4 It is advisable to clean all the screens in an outdoor area where you’ll have plenty of space to work. If space is the matter of concern, you can clean them in the bathtub, or occupy some space in the garage, just make sure there is a drain for the water to be removed.

Tip #5 Always hold the screens from an angle, through its edges.

Tip #6 Make a cleansing solution by mixing 1 cup of ammonia and 1 tbsp. of dish liquid soap in 3 cups of water. Pour this solution into a spray bottle. Spray it on the entire screen. With a scrub brush, gently rub the screen to remove grime and dirt buildup. Run warm water over it, and air-dry. This is the best way to clean window screens.

Tip #7 Don’t forget to spray the cleansing solution on both the sides of the screen.

Tip #8 If you notice any streaks, go for a second round of ‘spraying and drying’ session.

Tip #9 The best time to start cleansing windows is on a cool, cloudy day. At times such, soapy water (or cleaning solution grime) doesn’t dry on the glass screens.

Tip #10 Arrange a tarp in your yard to dry the screens. Make sure the surface is clean, and devoid of pebbles or rocks.

Tip #11 If the stains are stubborn, sponge with a solution of white vinegar (1 tbsp.) and warm water (2 cups). Dunk them in clean water, and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Let them dry in open air.

Tip #12 Carefully, reinstall the screens after they have dried completely, and are free of soapy streaks.

Make sure to wear your pair of cleaning gloves. Handle the screens and other hardware with care.

Finding Commercial Kitchen Design

download-9Commercial kitchen design

For your new kitchen design you would need to choose four main things: hoods (ventilation), sinks, flooring and shelving.

Kitchen hoods

Let’s start from kitchen ventilation.

First tip for choosing them is – silence. A lot of hoods are very nosy.

If you want to have peaceful atmosphere, buy the quiet hood.

With this option you will hear just a whisper of the air.

The ventilation will be comfortable and convenient for cooking.

Secondly, the design of the hood is important, but it’s easy cleaning is also a must.

Buy the kitchen equipment with easy cleaning surface.

Now you have a bit of knowledge to know where to start from when choosing equipment.

Kitchen hoods should be easy to clean and quiet

Sinks for the commercial kitchen

It is not an easy task to know what sink to buy.

I will write about top tips to consider during kitchen shopping.

Tip # 1. How much sinks do you need?

It can be the answer that depends on the amount of cookers the kitchen will have.

Or you can choose the amount of sink containers depending on the space you have.

if you have a lot of space, than why don’t you buy four compartment sinks?

Tip # 2. Portable sinks or not?

You can separate the sinks in the kitchen for different usage purposes.

Commercial Kitchen with several compartment sinks

Kitchen Flooring

You should already know the first tip to choosing the kitchen floor.

Right, it should be durable, protect from all damages, slip resistant and numerous different requirements.

Let’s discuss several of them.

Commercial kitchen usually has a wet environment flooring, so it need anti-slipping surface.

Secondly, the floor should have anti-microbial components to protect from numerous bacteria.

And last but not least, the kitchen floor  should be durable: withstand high temperature, chemical resistant and heavy foot traffic .

Kitchen flooring should be durable and anti-bacterial

Kitchen shelving

It doesn’t matter what you cook, it matters how much.

Do you need a lot of shelves? Yes.

The weight bearing components, posts and traverses, are mostly made of a steel core with a smooth polypropylene exterior.

This makes kitchen shelving strong,  easy to clean and durable.

Suppliers can have a lot of options to choose from when you decide to but commercial kitchen shelving.


How to Find Roofing Services provided

People normally construct three types of roofs namely flat, tile and shingles. The top structuring of the house depending upon the architectural pattern of the house. Usually the flat roofs are made of cement and do not cause much leakage problem during monsoon season. But, the tiles usually dislocate during monsoon season and are subjected to leakages. So, such houses are sealed by applying sealants or placing plastics for protection. The contractors provide many other types of services rather than construction such as repairs, coatings, fascia replacement, asphalt ceiling, painting etc. They provide services for both residential and commercial use.

Metal roofing

The ceilings can be constructed of any metals such as iron, aluminium, steel etc. It provides complete protection against moisture, but cannot resist high temperature. In Sarasota, many people are building ceilings made of metals because the rain showers just heavily in this region. So, the metal roofers Sarasota Fl use different types to add add beauty to the home. It can last for many years and the total price of the house also appreciates. The owner can choose any type of colour, finishing or style. The metals can be finely cut in different fashions and moulded in different shapes easily.

The metal roofers Sarasota also provide painting services to the customers and choose a right colour paint that can absorb the harsh rays of the sun.

Other services of the contractors

The contractors should provide coating services to the customers because the home is sometimes subjected to leakage due to different conditions. They provide reflective or waterproof coating services to the customers to prevent moisture and harsh rays of the sun. To improve the drainage system of the top area, they also provide tapered insulation services. They provide sprayed coating services to regulate the temperature of the house. The different types of spray coatings include thermal, plasma, flame spray etc. The ceilings of the house often get heated due to different activities such as cooking, heating, etc. They also provide fascia replacement services when water is not properly getting accumulated or is subjected to leakage.

Other types of roofing

The flat roofs are usually constructed of cement. But today, some people are constructing flat metal type to their homes also. But they should be maintained very carefully because a sheet of metal can suddenly collapse. Today, flat metal roofing is still done across many parts of the world. It is not always done to the home, but also to construct a shed or a garage. They construct a flat structure to the gardens as a shed to protect the premises of the home.

Ways to Get Rid of Dead Rodent Smell

Quite the explorers!
Rats, apparently, are very smart and have a great sense of direction, and research suggests that they never forget a particular route. There’s no point in hoping rats don’t turn up at our houses, so it’s best to seal any possible entrances!

Rodents are such annoying little pests―darting here and there, playing in our clean laundry, gorging on bits of our food, and leaving little pieces of poop in some corner of the house. Ir-ri-ta-ting! But the truth is, I think I’d take a live, moving, jumpy rat over a smelly dead one any day. Why, you ask? Maybe because of the overpowering scent that these creatures emit once they’re dead! To be fair, I guess it’s not unique to just rodents, most dead bodies start stinking in a similar manner, it’s just that we come across dead rodents more. (In some way, I’m glad, and in some ways I don’t really know what to feel.)

Anyway, getting back to the point. Often it so happens that rodents decide to pay you an uninformed and hidden visit. There’s nothing much to it, really, maybe just a little frolicking in your basement or attic. Is that a rat party you can hear in your walls? I’m guessing you do let them have a free rein once in a while, (not that there’s much you can do about it, but it’s nice to think that it’s us who lets them have a free rein!) However, what happens when a rat dies in your house? Firstly, it’s not very easy to identify where it’s dead, and the smell spreads like wildfire all over the house. Secondly, even if you are vaguely able to tell what room the stench is coming from, it is highly likely that finding out where the carcass is exactly is even harder.

However, you must get rid of the smell, pronto, and hiring professionals for this job might seem a little expensive for getting rid of such a little fella. We’re offering you a few suggestions for the same, and we sincerely hope you find them useful!

Hunt down the carcass
You need to take on the role of a sniffer dog here, and let your trusty nose guide you to the location of the dead rodent. If it’s in the basement or in the attic, good for you, but if it’s in a seemingly inaccessible place, like say the ceiling or inside a wall, you may need to get professional help or burrow in yourself. The thing is, leaving a rodent carcass unattended is not safe, because firstly, it’s going to keep stinking, and secondly, it’s going to be an open invitation to flies, maggots, and other insects who’d love to feast on it. Hunt down the carcass and get rid of it, which will ultimately get rid of the smell too.

Bring on the air!
Nothing like a whiff of fresh air after being in a smelly room, eh? Only here, you’re going to require a little more than just a whiff. Keep all your windows open, and let generous amounts of air flow inside the house. Also, if you have electric fans, don’t hesitate to keep them on full swing, especially when you’re cleaning. No air conditioners here though, they won’t help. Fresh air is totally the way to go.

God bless sprays
Spraying disinfectants is extremely essential in order to reduce and do away with the smell of the dead rodent. Get a spray that is not only a certified disinfectant, but also has a distinct odor that will cover up the initial smell of rotting flesh. (Ugh!) Spray the material in the area where you found the dead rodent, the carcass itself, on any droppings you may find, as also the nesting area, if you come across it. In case of droppings, spray them with copious amounts of disinfectant, put them in a bag and bury them. Period.

Mopping helps too
In case of your floors and hard furniture, mopping goes a long way. It is possible that the rodent has interacted with your floors and furniture, and if you found a dead one on the floor or on your furniture, who knows what the level of interaction might have been? Mop your floors and furniture with a good, trusted cleaner, detergent, and water. This will not only help reduce the smell, but will also keep the area free of any germs your rat buddy may have left behind. Perhaps you’d prefer enzymatic cleaners, as they are bio-degradable, effective, and safe to use around pets and children.

Make use of the sunlight
To get rid of the smell of a dead rodent from your carpets or sheets or any other kind of textile, make full use of the sunlight. Wash the textiles with a disinfectant and gentle detergent, and allow them to dry in the sun. Not only will the outside air get rid of the smell on them, but the sunlight will also act as a natural disinfectant.

Note: Many people prefer drying textiles outdoors to get rid of the smell of urine too.

‘Vent’ it out
What happens if a rodent dies inside your heating or cooling vent? Once you’ve switched off the device and gotten rid of the carcass, get to work with this simple cleaning technique: it will dissuade flies, gnats and maggots, and also get rid of the dead rodent smell. Mix about ⅛ of a cup of bleach in half a gallon of water with a sponge for a few seconds. Use the sponge to wipe the vent clean, inside out. Let it dry on its own before you begin using your appliance again. Don’t forget to wear gloves during all this!

Candles, anyone?
If you’re not a big fan of air fresheners or air sprays, how about a few scented candles to seal the deal, so to speak? Light these candles in the areas where the smell is the strongest. However, please, please be careful with candles and where you light them, or it might have dangerous consequences. Also, don’t expect the candles to do a quick job, they might tend to take a little more time than the air fresheners and sprays that are specially designed for this job.

Protect your car
Yes, it is possible to find a dead rodent in a car too. If you’re like most people, you must be very possessive about your car, and let’s face it, even if you’re not, who likes such an odor while driving? First and foremost (after you have gotten rid of the dead hairy beast), clean the inside of your car with a disinfectant and water. Vacuum the seats, gear box, and steering wheel thoroughly, and follow up with wiping them with a disinfectant, water, and a soft cloth. However, make sure the liquid won’t hurt your seats. For quick results, spray vinegar in your car and wipe it off after a few minutes. Vinegar has a strong odor itself and will effectively get rid of the previous smells. Similarly, you can keep odor-eliminating agents, such as sliced onions and ground coffee, in your car overnight.

Place your bets on vinegar
Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and odor-eliminating agent. If the smell of a dead rodent is getting too unbearable for you, you can try pouring vinegar into plastic cups and placing them in various corners of the house. Vinegar will soak up the bad odor and eliminate it, not just mask it. However, you need to be sure of two things here: One, that you don’t have any children or pets who might go near the vinegar, and two, you’re ready to keep the stuff overnight and don’t mind the vinegar smell.

Prevention is always better than the smell
Yes, I do know that’s not how the saying goes, but in this case I’d want you to make an exception! Nobody wants rodents, especially dead rodents inside the house, and so it’s just better to do all that you can to not let them in. First and foremost, check your entire house for any openings that may invite rodents or small animals to hang out in your house, and close them immediately. Similarly, you can try keeping humane traps in prospective corners of the house so that you can release the rodents outside if you do catch them. (Don’t forget to check the traps regularly, or you might have a dead rodent inside your trap) Keeping the house clean will more or less ensure that there’s nothing interesting for the rodents to do, and might keep them away altogether.

We hope you find these measures to get rid of dead rodent smells effective! Remember to wear gloves at all times when you’re handling the dead rodent, and/or cleaning after it. Don’t leave a dead rodent inside your house, it’ll take a long time to decay and the smell will keep on worsening. Don’t let children or pets near the dead rodents and the unclean areas. Good luck!

Making Homemade Drain Cleaner

A blocked drainage is an inevitable problem which almost everyone has to face every now and then. All of us make all the possible efforts to keep the drain clean but in some or the other way, it does get messed up and we are left with no option than calling a plumber or buying a ready-made drain cleaner. Not only do ready-made drain cleaners cost a lot, but they can also prove hazardous if not handled properly, for the user and also for the environment. Most of the commercial drain cleaners contain caustic soda which can burn the skin. So instead, you could make a homemade drain cleaner, that too with very few things which are easily available at home and which do not have any harmful effects. The following are some methods for making drain cleaner.

Drain Cleaner with Tartar


  • 2 cups boiling water
  • ¼ cup tartar
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup baking soda


Firstly, boil the water in a container. Meanwhile, pour the baking soda, salt, and cream of tartar in a measuring cup and mix well. Pour the mixture into a plastic sealable bag and shake well. Your drain cleaner is ready to be used. Simply measure ¼ cup into a glass and pour it into the clogged drain. Pour the boiled water over it and let it stand for about 30 minutes. Then, run freshwater through the drain. The clogged drain will be completely clean by then. You can find cream of tartar in your nearby store and buy it in bulk so that you can prepare this homemade drain cleaner and store it.

Drain Cleaner with Vinegar


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 cup vinegar


Firstly, discard all the water from the sink and then pour the baking soda right through the drain. Now, pour the vinegar and plug the drain immediately; for best results do not wait for the vinegar to settle down in the drain. Once the bubbles are formed, wait for them to settle down, which will take about 30 minutes. After the required time, pour the boiling water down the drain. The science behind this is simple; when a base like baking soda is added to an acid like vinegar, carbon dioxide and sodium acetate are formed, which naturally scrub the drain clean. And when we pour down boiling water, the gunk is dissolved and flushed, leaving the drain clean. Baking soda and vinegar also prevent odor. You can use this solution to unclog kitchen sink or any other drain.

These were some easy homemade drain cleaner recipes. As stated earlier, do not wait for the drains to get clogged; clean them regularly. For regular clearing of drains, pour 4 tablespoons of washing soda in hot water, and pour this mixture through the drain. Rinse with hot water after 15 minutes. This will avoid the clogging of drains. With such simple remedies at hand, cleaning shouldn’t remain a herculean task anymore.

Cleaning Bathroom Grout Tips

Once you are out of the shower and getting ready for the day, you don’t wish to go back inside and clean the bathroom walls again. Soap scum and mildew stains can turn shiny bathroom walls looking dull, dirty, and/or worn out. As a weekly house cleaning chore, you push yourself into cleaning grout and mildew from every crevices possible. To make the walls and bathtub looking like new, you end up tiring yourself and pretty much hate the process. However, getting a clean, sparkling bathroom is not an impossible thing to do. Getting rid of grout can be made easy with some at-home cleaning products. The following steps will provide the ideal tips to brighten grungy grout.

Step by Step Procedure

As baking soda is considered to be an effective cleaner, here’s a technique you can include in your cleaning method. Since this is a safe recipe, you can use it in the bathtub, shower, and kitchen as well.

Materials Needed

  • Sponge
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Use toothbrush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Face mask

Step #1: Before we begin, keep the doors and windows of the bathroom open for good ventilation. If you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom, keep it on as well and slide open the shower curtain. This will dry the bathroom really fast and keep the air circulating.

Step #2: First of all, take the sponge to clean all the grout covered area. You can also follow this step as a regular method to lessen the chances of grout formation. The ingredients used are non-toxic, gentle chemicals/detergents and effective. But to be on the safe side, keep the bathroom as much ventilated as possible. Wear the rubber gloves and face mask as well.

Step #3: Turn the lights on in the bathroom and clean the shower area together with the bathtub properly. Don’t forget to include the shower curtain also, as the grout and mold can occur there as well. The curtain specially gets a repelling scent if not cleaned properly or at all. In a small bowl, mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste.

Step #4: Take an old, used toothbrush and dip it in the paste. Apply the mixture directly on the grout. Spread generous amounts of the paste and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Later, scrub the grout covered surfaces with the toothbrush for an effective stain removal. Keep your movements constant, as in, move the brush back and forth. This will lift the grout and mildew when you put some pressure on the area.

Step #5: Rinse the area with lukewarm water leaving your bathroom walls and tub looking clean. You can also clean the shower curtain with a sponge with the same baking soda paste. Just make sure to rinse everything properly.

Essential Cleaning Tips to Follow

Now that we’ve seen how exactly you should go about cleaning your bathrooms properly, we still have to discuss important points on what your regular cleaning procedures have to be. Below you will see these tips and how they can be implemented.

  • For a quick preventive measure, purchase a bleach pen to clean small grout spots.
  • Once you have finished the job, apply the grout sealer to prevent further harsh stains. You can apply the sealer once every year or as often as needed.
  • To check if the sealer is working, spray couple of drops of water on it. The water should form a bead-like droplet on the grout; this means you don’t need a fresh coat.
  • After you apply the grout sealer, make sure you regularly clean the grout and tiles. This method will prevent you from using harsh chemicals to remove the stains.
  • For a thorough grout cleaning method, use plastic bristles, old toothbrushes, nylon scrubbers, and soft bristle nail brush.

As a best preventive method for cleaning grout, you need to clean the soap scum on a regular basis, so that there are no grout build-up found. After you are finished with shower, clean the bathroom walls, shower curtains, the tub with hot water. The steps mentioned above will definitely make the bathroom cleaning process a lot easier.

Simple Tips to Clean a Copper Bathtub

In order to edge off the stress and pressures of everyday life, people are adopting various ways to relax and enjoy. One way is turning the bathrooms into a comforting, beautiful and relaxing place. A bathtub can be that restful place to have a blissful bath and it also adds to the beauty of a bathroom.

Bathtubs are available in various materials and finishes like wood, copper, and enamel. A copper bathtub is definitely the one to consider. Copper tubs are beautiful tubs that people can use as means of luxury home decor. The color of the copper is striking and will surely highlight the appearance of any bathroom. Additionally, it requires little to no maintenance, is durable and lasts long for their high quality and unique construction. It can be easily cleaned, is naturally resistant to rust, corrosion, scratches, mold, bacteria and dents and can very well retain heat. Due to their heat retaining ability, it’s possible to linger longer in the bathtub. It can be one of the most appropriate choices for a comfortable and relaxing bath. As copper is very durable, it cannot be damaged easily. However, the patina finish can be spoiled. Hence, copper bathtubs need a little pampering and care once in a while.

Cleaning Tips for Copper Bathtub

Simply rinse your copper bathtub with running water after each use to rid the surface of any soap, grime or dirt.

Wipe your bathtub dry after using it every time to keep it in its natural condition and prevent it from the aging process.

For a more thorough cleaning, clean the bathtub occasionally with gentle or mild dish soap, warm water and a soft and clean cloth or sponge. Wipe the inner and outer surfaces of your copper bathtub with the piece of cloth or sponge to keep it away from water residues held in the texture. Then, rinse it thoroughly with water and wipe off.

If you are using mineral or hard water, wipe your copper bathtub with a piece of soft cloth after each use to prevent spotting. Hard water tends to form and accumulate deposits on your bathtub, which can damage the patina finish.

You can also apply wax to your copper bathtub at least once every 20 to 30 days to prevent scratches and deposits from hard water building over it. Applying a high quality copper patina wax will prevent your bathtub against the formation of mineral deposits and other types of residues, and extend the life of the copper. Simply rub the wax over the copper.

▸ For cleaning, avoid using any abrasive cleaning substances or disinfectants on your copper bathtub, as they can wear away the lacquer finish. This will expose the copper to air and thereby darken the patina finish gradually with time.

▸ Avoid using rough sponges and rigid bristle brushes, which can damage the finish on your copper bathtub.

▸ Avoid using any substances such as lemon, vinegar and others as they can wear out and damage the patina finish on the copper.

▸ Avoid polishing or scrubbing copper bathtubs.
Although, copper baths are beautiful and luxury products, they are rarely used, as they are extremely pricey. They are mostly seen in rich homes and mansions. They are also heavy and hard to find.

Ways to Declutter a Bathroom

The bathroom is one place in the house that either gets really messy or is always clean. Besides its obvious use, some of us go to the bathroom to think, or just get away from the chaos happening in our houses. Many like to unwind in the bathroom after a hectic day at work or school, by taking a nice hot shower, or a long bath with aromatic salts and candles. It’s the place that we can go to, when we do not want anyone asking us any questions, where we can just let loose, relax, and be ourselves.

If a bathroom can mean so much to us, seeing it cluttered, messy, and in complete disarray, can make us grouchy and irritated. The easiest thing to do is just clean it out once and for all. We all like a bathroom that smells good, devoid of mess, and absolutely spic and span. This Buzzle article gives you a step-by-step elucidation of how to declutter your bathroom. All you need is a garbage bin, laundry bag, rubber gloves, cleaning supplies, and patience.

3 Steps to Declutter Your Bathroom

1. Putting Clothes and Towels Away

Always start with towels, napkins, and clothing. Take your laundry basket with you, and put in all the clothes that are on the sink, hung behind the door, lying on the floor, etc. Once you are done with the clothes, switch to the towels and napkins. This step includes your shower curtain and your bathroom mat, if you have one.

Make sure you take the towels and clothes for a wash, as soon as you have put them in the laundry basket. If you have a habit of reading while you are in the bathroom, it is advisable to get a collapsible magazine rack fitted behind your bathroom door. Once you are done with your magazine, book or newspaper, you should place it in the rack without fail.

2. Sorting and Discarding Utilities

Sifting through the toiletries can be a tough task, but it has to be done. Keep your garbage bin or bag ready for this step. Sort all your shampoo, conditioner, oil, soaps, and bottles. Throw out the empty ones, and those that have gone way past their expiry date. Keep only the products that you are currently using in your bathroom. The rest should either be disposed off, or kept in your bathroom cabinets. If your bathroom does not have the space for storing these products, make some space at the bottom of your closet, or allot a drawer for your toiletries, and store these products there. Very often, women have their hair clips, bands, and pins lying around the place. The best thing to do is to place them neatly in a basket or a tray.

Keep the products that go with each other together. For instance, keep your bath products in the shower area, and other products, like toothpaste and toothbrush in a container, either on the sink or inside the cabinet. Products that are frequently used should be kept in your bathroom, like your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, soap, loofah, shampoo, conditioner, etc. The rest should be stored outside your bathroom in a designated storage area for toiletries.

3. Cabinet Cleaning

You need to open your cabinets and discard all the unwanted and expired medication, toothpaste, brushes, shaving creams, etc. Clean the cabinets with a duster and some soap, dry the shelves well, and re-stack if needed. The products that need not be in the bathroom, like makeup, nail care sets, etc., should be kept in your dresser. Your cabinet shelves should be clean, and should not be stuffed or overflowing with products. Keep a few moth balls in your cabinet, to keep roaches and other critters away, and also keep your cabinet smelling fresh every time you open it.

You can organize your cabinet in such a way that all the products that you use on a daily basis are placed on the lower shelf, and the ones that you do not use frequently, like salts and essential oils, go on the top shelf.

Cleanliness Matters Too!

1. Walls and Floor

Most of your work is done, by just discarding old bottles and laundry. Now you need to scrub your bathroom. Best way to do it is to wear your rubber gloves, scarf up your hair, and get to work. Start with the walls, then the tub or shower area, followed by your lavatory, the basin, counter, and last do your bathroom floor. For a thorough cleaning, sprinkle some washing powder on your bathroom floor, and scrub till all the grime is out.

Once all the scrubbing is done, dry your bathroom floor well. You can either wipe it dry with a mop, or you can use a squeegee to dry your floor. When you are done scrubbing, remember to get grouting done for your bathroom tiling, as the cement between the tiles may come out during the scrubbing. Remove off all the hair that has accumulated in your drainage area. Cleaning your bathroom is important because once it is nice and clean, you won’t want to get it cluttered and messy again.

2. Beautifying the Bathroom

Now your bathroom is squeaky clean, but it needs to be restocked, and beautified. To maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance to your bathroom, you should keep only the things you require in it. In short, one should have a minimalist approach when it comes to their bathroom. Place your toiletries in the right places, like your shampoo, conditioner, soap, and face wash, go in your shower area, your lotion and hand-wash should be on your sink or counter, and your towel should be on the rack, and not hung from the bathroom door.

Keep a small figurine near your sink to add some aesthetic beauty to your bathroom. False flowers and plants should not be kept in your bathroom as they catch dust quickly. Keep a small basket on the counter, next to your lotion, with hand towels neatly rolled-up in it. You can also keep some scented candles in your bathroom. Keep a freshener in the cabinet, and your bathroom dustbin clean always. Organize your bathroom well, and your bathroom will never be cluttered.