Finding Commercial Kitchen Design

download-9Commercial kitchen design

For your new kitchen design you would need to choose four main things: hoods (ventilation), sinks, flooring and shelving.

Kitchen hoods

Let’s start from kitchen ventilation.

First tip for choosing them is – silence. A lot of hoods are very nosy.

If you want to have peaceful atmosphere, buy the quiet hood.

With this option you will hear just a whisper of the air.

The ventilation will be comfortable and convenient for cooking.

Secondly, the design of the hood is important, but it’s easy cleaning is also a must.

Buy the kitchen equipment with easy cleaning surface.

Now you have a bit of knowledge to know where to start from when choosing equipment.

Kitchen hoods should be easy to clean and quiet

Sinks for the commercial kitchen

It is not an easy task to know what sink to buy.

I will write about top tips to consider during kitchen shopping.

Tip # 1. How much sinks do you need?

It can be the answer that depends on the amount of cookers the kitchen will have.

Or you can choose the amount of sink containers depending on the space you have.

if you have a lot of space, than why don’t you buy four compartment sinks?

Tip # 2. Portable sinks or not?

You can separate the sinks in the kitchen for different usage purposes.

Commercial Kitchen with several compartment sinks

Kitchen Flooring

You should already know the first tip to choosing the kitchen floor.

Right, it should be durable, protect from all damages, slip resistant and numerous different requirements.

Let’s discuss several of them.

Commercial kitchen usually has a wet environment flooring, so it need anti-slipping surface.

Secondly, the floor should have anti-microbial components to protect from numerous bacteria.

And last but not least, the kitchen floor  should be durable: withstand high temperature, chemical resistant and heavy foot traffic .

Kitchen flooring should be durable and anti-bacterial

Kitchen shelving

It doesn’t matter what you cook, it matters how much.

Do you need a lot of shelves? Yes.

The weight bearing components, posts and traverses, are mostly made of a steel core with a smooth polypropylene exterior.

This makes kitchen shelving strong,  easy to clean and durable.

Suppliers can have a lot of options to choose from when you decide to but commercial kitchen shelving.